UAE PM’s office to oversee development


Al Gergawi said: “While announcing the UAE Strategy, Shaikh Mohammed stressed the need to synergise the ministries’ planning, build effective processes and set clear and transparent assessment indicators.


“These will help monitor performance and strategy implementation in every ministry to ensure the highest standards.


“The Federal Strategy offers to resolve pressing issues nationwide, including those in vital sectors. Transparency and accuracy will be required to ensure better government performance to achieve the strategic goals and objectives.


“To ensure speed and efficiency, in line with the directives, the ministries launched their first phase of implementation, just one day after the announcement of the UAE Strategy,” Al Gergawi said, adding,”We have no time to spare.”


The UAE Government Strategy, which comprises 21 topics under six major sectors, follows a number of general principles.


They are: maintaining continuous cooperation between the federal and local authorities; revitalising the regulatory and policy-making role of the ministries, and improving decision-making mechanisms; increasing the efficiency of government bodies, and upgrading the level of services based on customer needs; developing civil service regulations and human resources, focusing on competence, effective Emiratisation and leadership training; empowering ministries to manage their activities in line with public and joint policies and reviewing and upgrading legislation and regulations.

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