UN refugee agency to investigate matter of stateless people in Kuwait


During a meeting with Kuwait Lawyers Association (KBAR) to discuss the issue of bedoun, Laing said UNHCR will be assisted by those advisors to compose an analytical synopsis that will be submitted to Kuwaiti authorities and the UN.


Some recommendations might be presented, noted Laing who said her visit to Kuwait was aimed at examining the issue of bedoun.


As she has arrived in Kuwait a week ago, she said that time was spent meeting with bedoun persons and some legal figures, stressing that any person in the world was entitled to have a nationality.


First, the humanitarian side of this issue must be settled by granting every bedoun a personal identification, then the hard part involved settling cases of persons without any counter-security priors.


On his part, head of KBAR’s human rights team Nasser Al-Kuraiween said the matter of bedoun starting arising in 1990.


In 2007, Kuwait established two funds dedicated to educating and providing healthcare to bedoun. The government has set certain guidelines to naturalize bedoun who deserve naturalization, such as having the 1965 census.

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