UN urged by UAE to keep world updated on Palestine


It said that the UN should inform the world community about the suffering of the Palestinian people due to the Israeli aggression in the occupied territories. The UAE also called for international media cooperation to spread culture of peace among the peoples of the world.

The remarks were made in a statement delivered by Khalid Ali Rabea Al Hossani, member of UAE delegation, at the information session of a special UN committee.

Khalid expressed the UAE’s anxiety over the existing information gap between the developed and developing countries — one thing that contributes in a way or another to the escalation of problems in some developing countries.

This situation is exploited by some irresponsible media institutions to distort historic facts and beliefs of some countries and peoples.

He called for the establishment of a new global media and communication system that will exercise greater transparency and

justice based on good intentions and promote better understanding among religions and cultures.

“The international community has a responsibility to assist the developing countries to have access to advanced communications technology, develop their media capacities and set the world media ethics that will streamline legal and moral standards to ensure transparency and protection of media-persons, particularly in war zones,” Khalid added.

He noted that the UN needed to boost international awareness about the actual role of UN, particularly in issues related to peace, security, development, respect of human rights, fight against organised crime, terrorism, illegal arms trade, global warming and natural disasters that affect human growth.

In particular, he said, the United Nations work in the Arabic language should be at par with the work in the other languages.


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