US actions against Kuwaiti society doesn’t reflect distinguished ties: Al-Kharafi





The US Treasury Department had announced last Friday its intention of freezing assets of the Kuwaiti Society, arguing that it took advantage of charitable and humanitarian works to cover for financing terrorism-related activities and support of al-Qaeda.


Speaker Al-Kharafi expressed astonishment at the way in which the United States dealt with matter, pointing in this regard to the US recently published report on human rights in Kuwait.
He said that such behavior demonstrated that there was more than one policy governing the US.
Furthermore, Al-Kharafi called on the United States to respect the sovereignty of Kuwait and, pointing to the continued detention of suspected prisoners on the Cuban Island of Guantanamo.


Al-Kharafi praised the role of the Kuwaiti government in supporting and strengthening the rule of the state and playing an active role in this regard before the United Nations, pointing out that the government confirmed before the international body its keenness to have the Kuwaiti charities under the state’s umbrella.


In response to a question about whether the US accusations were somehow harmonious with the accusations launched inside Kuwait, accusing the Society of supporting terrorism abroad, Al-Kharafi said, "All I can say that the Society is like any charitable organizations, which operates under the umbrella of Kuwaiti law." As for his reception of the Ministerial Committee today, and that if he had sensed any disgruntling that would entice the government to declare "non-cooperation" with the Assembly, Al-Kharafi brushed away such possibility, saying the meeting showed the government was keen on coordination and cooperation with the Assembly.


"I hope the MPs would focus on approving the fund to help insolvent Kuwaitis; consensual by both the assembly and government, even if it requires amendments on the amount allotted to it, so as to come up with a beneficiary outcome for citizens and not prolong their suffering." To that, Al-Kharafi denied reports saying that President of the Audit Bureau Barrak Al-Marzouq had rendered his resignation.


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