US okays GCC states’ wish to build nuclear reactor for peaceful uses


Schulte indicated that at that meeting he had extended to al-Attiya US readiness to help the GCC states in their talks with the IAEA to obtain the nuclear reactor for peaceful purposes.


The US administration, he said, did not necessarily coax the GCC states to pursue this objective but would see no harm in it as it saw no harm in Iran acquiring nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.


Schulte’s visit to Doha is instigated by Qatar’s current membership in the UN security council, as the latter gets ready to issue a third resolution calling for harsher sanctions against Iran.


The US official noted that he had discussed with Qatari officials the latest on the Iranian nuclear issue, the NPT agreement, and the IAEA’s latest report on nuclear activities worldwide.


With regard to the security council’s upcoming third resolution on Iran, he said its ultimate objective was to entice Iran to seek a diplomatic solution to the current nuclear standoff between it and the international community.


The international community, Schulte underscored, wished to convince Iran to break out of its isolation and join the world in the quest for peaceful uses of nuclear technology.


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