US Ready To Defend Gulf Says Envoy


The American presence ensured that the Gulf remained free for trade activities for the benefit of its trading partners who import oil from the Gulf. The US was not alone in importing oil from the Gulf. The European Union, Japan and India were also keen on keeping the waterways free for continued trade exchange with the region, he said.
These countries helped the US in protecting the Gulf waters, he said. There were European and Japanese naval units conducting constant surveillance of sea routes leading to the Gulf.

Referring to the American military presence in the region, he said it had been in the region for a long time. US troops were in readiness to defend the countries of the region and ensure free passage of trade.

The US imports 25% of its energy needs from the Gulf, while Europe oil imports are higher.

Referring to the Central Municipal Council elections in Qatar today, the ambassador said, “As a one-time politician in the US, I am very excited about the campaigning and election”.

Candidates were discussing various issues of interest to the voters and the campaigning was sufficiently well run, he remarked.

He said the US had programmes for administrators and elected officials on how to approach voters, how to learn what the people who elected them were thinking.
He said he was convinced that the elections would be held honestly and votes would be calculated fairly and accurately.

“It is wonderful to see history being made here in Qatar. I have no doubt that this would serve as a model for bigger things in the future”, the ambassador said.

He said the US had not sent anyone to monitor elections here. He felt there was no need for it. “I am sure the third round too will be efficient and hence there is no need for observers.”


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