US report on human rights lacks objectivity: Gargash


The committee discussed the report at the committee’s 14th meeting in Dubai recently chaired by Dr Anwar Gargash, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Committee.

Gargash said the US report lacks accuracy and objectivity as it failed to evaluate the efforts exerted by the UAE in combating human trafficking last year.

He said the report was biased and does not rely on accurate studies or on facts on-ground as it does not reflect reality of the progress achieved.

The Committee reviewed the recommendations by the human trafficking conference organised by the Ministry of Interior (MoI) on protecting human trafficking victims and praised the efforts of the ministry.

The conference issued several recommendations that are being studied to set a follow up mechanism. He said that these efforts are in line with national strategy to combat human trafficking and aimed at strengthening coordination with various concerned parties in the UAE.

The meeting also discussed the media campaign being rolled out to spread awareness on human trafficking crimes. The Committee decided to launch the campaign in the fall of 2009 at all major airports and embassies in the UAE.

The Committee discussed collecting and organising data related to human trafficking, as well as the studies that can help combat this dangerous crime.

The committee listened to a detailed presentation on the initiative by Belarus in the UN to combat human trafficking, and reviewed reports presented by concerned parties in the UAE.


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