Watchdog claims most Kuwaiti MPs involved in corruption



Chairwoman of the Competent Parliamentary Performance Institution (CPPI), Aisha al-Rasheed, said the findings are based on solid evidence and a close monitoring of lawmakers over the past four months.

"We have found that some MPs are trading in residence permits … others exploiting their immunity for profiteering and corruption, including bribes," Rasheed told a media conference.

The CPPI was established four months ago as a non-profit organisation mainly to strengthen women’s role in society and to conduct research.

Rasheed, a member of parliament, released a report which was prepared by volunteers who provided a detailed account of corruption committed by MPs.

She said she would hand over the report along with documentary evidence, which was not released to the media, to Kuwait’s ruler Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah.

"Some MPs have used their influence to press for the release of people charged with drugs and rape," Rasheed alleged.

A number of MPs were not rich before winning seats in parliament but within months had accumulated wealth for themselves and their families, exploiting their immunity and influence, the report said.

"Practices of certain MPs have distorted the image of democracy and made our democracy a bad example," it said.

Rasheed declined to reveal the names of the MPs alleged to have engaged in corrupt practices.


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