Watchdog formed to monitor religious dialogue in Bahrain


The Bahrain king in a statement published by the Bahrain News Agency directed the scholars to use mosque rostrums to preach unity and fraternity and warned that the situation in the kingdom’s surroundings necessitates stronger social cohesion to close the door for foreign interference and threats.



King Hamad also underlined the religious scholars’ significant guidance to the youth to shape their conduct, direct them to construction and steer them away from violence so as order and security prevail in the kingdom and allow for smooth implementation of development projects.



The watchdog is expected to support the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs’ efforts to tackle irregularities in mosques and worshiping places, especially politicising sermons and religious dialogue.



Minister Shaikh Abdullah bin Khalid Al Khalifa said in an earlier statement that mosques should be kept away from election campaigning activities to protect their holiness and the neutrality of the Islamic affair sector. "Bahrain is a religion-oriented state and people are influenced easily with the sayings of scholars."


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