‘Work-from-home’ initiative targets Emirati women


The initiative was  launched for discussion at the forum,  which was  held under the auspices of Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, president of the Dubai Women’s Estabishment, and in partnership with the Emirates National Development Program (ENDP). The panelists included officials and experts of the human resources committee in the Dubai Executive Council, the ENDP, du, the Watani Program and the Dubai Women’s Establishment.

The forum aimed to find appropriate solutions to the challenges faced in the emiratization process. Although the number of female graduates exceeds that of their male counterparts, their “professional life-span” is considerably shorter.

Employment specialists say many women refrain from taking up jobs in active markets due to a problem with immobility, as they live in remote areas and find it difficult to commute to work. Family circumstances, such as being mothers, is also cited as one of the main reasons for women quitting professional careers, depriving employers of their great potential and skills.

ENDP statistics have also shown that the main reason hindering Emirati women’s’ professional ambitions, is immobility. Ahmed Al-Tayer, chairman of the ENDP’s board of directors, said, “Latest statistics show that 1,131 Emirati women living in remote areas have applied for jobs in various sectors. This includes 354 women with bachelor degrees, 114 with diplomas and 516 with high school certificates. The list of women applicants also includes those with Master’s degrees.”

He added that Emirati women seeking job opportunities could not take up employment because they live in areas far away from proposed workplaces.

“The ‘work-from-home concept’ will offer UAE women a chance to effectively contribute to the overall development of the country,” said Najla Mohammad Al-Our, general secretary for the UAE Cabinet and board member of the Dubai Women’s Establishment.

Ahmed Obaid Al-Mansoori, coordinator general of the Watani Program, said: “We hope we can provide a feasible solution, which allows women the choice of raising a family without sacrificing a successful career in order contribute to the development of their country.”

Azzah Al-Sharhan, director of ENDP, said: “The ENDP is dedicated to building partnerships between Dubai’s private sector and UAE nationals in order to ensure a longer employment span. It has processed over 6,000 applications of which 3,716 were for women candidates. The program is currently seeking to employ 4,195 candidates of both genders in various locations.”

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