Kuwaiti raises Palestine flag on Nepal’s Lobuche summit

Originally posted to The Middle East Monitor website, 2 November 2021

A Kuwaiti citizen yesterday raised the Palestinian flag on the peak of the Lobuche mountain in Nepal.

Imran Hadi posted pictures of himself holding the Kuwaiti and Palestinian flags on the summit of Lobuche. Hadi also wore a keffiyeh neck scarf.

“A person makes an achievement, but this achievement becomes completed with the happiness and pride of those who love him,” Hadi said on Instagram. “Thanks be to God and for your prayers, I was able to reach the Lobuche peak in Nepal, resting at 6,119 meters (20,075 ft),” he added.

Addressing his social media followers, Hadi noted that the Palestinian scarf was a “must on the mountain’s summit.”

“The best is yet to come,” he stressed.

Arab social media activists supported Hadi’s solidarity with the Palestinian cause. The Kuwaiti theatrical director Esam Al-Kazemi went on Twitter describing Hadi’s move as “a new achievement for the Kuwaiti hero.”

While member of the Kuwaiti National Islamic Alliance (NIA), Mubarak Al-Najada, hailed Hadi, wishing him “more successes and achievements.”

Abdullah Al-Mousawi, a Kuwaiti journalist, said that Hadi’s achievement was “emphasising that Arabs won’t abandon Palestine.”

Link to the original post: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20211102-kuwaiti-raises-palestine-flag-on-nepals-lobuche-summit/

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