Near genocide; the plight of Gaza

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Near genocide; the plight of Gaza


*Nadin Burqan  (Palestinian activist, musician)

**Palden Jenkins (Polymath thinker)

***Julia Katarina (Musician, PhD candidate)

A New Year, new realities in the Middle East. While many started the year with a great deal of optimism and hope, some did not have that luxury. The people of Gaza, in particular, had to endure endless bombing by the Israeli occupiers. The rest of the Middle East is naturally influenced by these events that have led to charges of war crimes and are being investigated by the International Court of Justice in the Hague. The New Year started with new political turbulence in the region. While Gaza remained under bombardment, Yemen received its share of American attacks for actively supporting the people of Gaza. So what does the future hold for the Middle East? How will the Palestinians fare in the unbalanced war that has continued unabated?

6.30 pm Tuesday 23rd January 2024    

Venue: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, W1H 4LP    

The meeting will be held in person, followed by dinner   

You can also participate on Zoom using this link

Meeting ID: 856 8088 8416 Password: 000000     

Admission is Free. Please register for catering purposes – email:   

or text 07795 660 438    

*Nadin Burqan was born in Jerusalem and studied at local schools. She holds a Law degree from Abu Dis University. Nadine also performs Palestinian songs with Julia Katarina. They both worked with the late Suhad Jarrar-Brown in her Bayt exhibitions on Arab hospitality, arts and folklore. She recently arrived from Jerusalem, after being hospitalised due to a gas attack on her neighbourhood, with vivid memories of the agony of her people. 

**Palden Jenkins born 1950, is a polymath thinker with interests in world history, geopolitics, social development and matters of the spirit. He has worked as an event organiser and community leader, a counsellor and adviser, book editor, researcher, teacher, webmaster, archaeologist and humanitarian aid worker (Middle East and Africa). He has written ten books and a number of big public resource websites. Palden started thinking about the future when studying social sciences at the London School of Economics in 1968-71. After this he entered a period of deep questioning and soul-searching following the partial failure of the summer of love and the student revolutions of the time, in which he was involved.

***Julia Ana Katarina is a classically trained singer and multi-instrumentalist with an MSc in Applied Music Psychology from Roehampton University, who taught for nearly 4 years in music schools in Palestine. There she learned Arabic and embraced Islam 15 years ago in the holiest place one can, without already being Muslim, Masjid al-Aqsa. Music and Jesus AS led her to Islam via the third holiest site for Muslims, the next logical step after the ultimate Christian pilgrimage. Julia has also completed an MA in Islamic Law, researching views on music in 7 jurisprudential schools. She has been blessed to perform all the major Islamic pilgrimages in the holy lands of the prophets, including Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine and the Hijaz she encountered many Muslim denominations.

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