UK elections: Prospects of new policies

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UK elections: Prospects of new policies

Immigration, Islamophobia and human rights


*Carol Turner

(Vice-Chair of CND, anti-war activist)

** Zayn Ahmed

(Physician, podcast producer)

***Batool Sobeiti

(Chemical/Energy Engineer, human rights activist)

6.30pm (GMT), Tuesday 25th June 2024

Venue: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, W1H 4LP

As UK citizens go to polls on 5th July, the polls suggest a decisive win by the Labour Party and a massive loss by the Conservatives. But will this lead to fundamental policy changes with regards to the main issues of concern to many? The above three areas are among many that raise concerns about the policies of successive British governments.  The D-Day 80th anniversary celebrations have highlighted the British military role in World War II. It was an impressive role. Yet the international values, treaties and conventions that emerged from that most destructive war have survived the scrutiny of the politicians and how much the British public are content with what their elected leaders implement. It is also an opportunity to re-visit the UK’s position on torture by some of its allies, to mark the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (26th June).

The meeting will be held in person, followed by dinner

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*Carol Turner is co-chair of London Region CND and a Vice Chair of CND UK. She is a member of Stop the War Coalition’s National Officer Group. Carol is a long-time peace campaigner, a former foreign policy advisor to British parliamentarians, and author of Corbyn and Trident: Labour’s Continuing Controversy.

**Zayn Ahmed is a doctor currently completing his second foundation year.  He studied medicine at Barts School of Medicine where he served as president of the Ahlulbayt Islamic society. He served as the Chair of the Muslim Student Council or MSC, the umbrella body for Ahlulbayt societies in the UK. He produced Al Haadi youth podcasts where he hosted a number of interviews with local politicians. He has delivered workshops at multiple Muslim centres looking into Palestine and the history of occupation over the past few months.

***Batool Subeiti is a Lebanese-born Energy Engineer and political analyst activist based in the UK. She is Chemical/Energy Engineer by profession. She obtained her MEng Degree from the University of Birmingham. She is a regular article writer and contributor to outlets like Al-Mayadeen and Press TV. She has a special interest in analysing political and social issues, seeking to understand them from their root causes and from an angle otherwise not projected by mainstream media.